About Us


Milagros & Associates LLC is a full service Project Management consulting based in New York. We provide high quality services to our clients utilizing highly trained and experienced professionals to offer personalized attention through all project phases, beginning with Conceptual Planning, and continuing through Design and Construction.

Milagros & Associates specializes in Owner Representation and Project Management from early project development through construction and occupancy. We provide a unique blend of technical and managerial services to address the increasingly complex building projects of the times. Our goal is to develop and implement an effective project management program tailored to fit the specific needs of each client and their project.

Each project is treated as the development of an asset. Whether the project is a retrofit or new construction, Milagros & Associates can best assist in providing information to help our clients meet their financial and real estate commitments.
Milagros & Associates brings a much disciplined approach to Project Management to ensure the success of a project. Its three most important and basic components consist of, Communication, Team Building and Cost Control.
Steven Wilkowski has over 30 years’ experience as a Project Architect and Project Manager for a wide range of building types. He has been involved in the planning, design and construction of hotels, non-profit institutions, residential projects, banking facilities, trading operations, executive facilities, and large industrial developments. He has also acted as a building owner’s representative, managing the design and construction of all tenant fit out work in Class A high-rise commercial buildings.
Steven’s ability to look at projects from both the construction and architectural perspective is a valuable asset to a project. Having been educated as an Architect, Steven has worked for such notable firms as Gruzen Sampton; Ryan, Gibson, Baur, Kornblath; and Raphael Vinoly Architects. This experience, coupled with his work at DL International, a Design and Construction firm, allows for the balance of construction schedules and budget management while maintaining sensitivity to the design of the Architect and to the desires of the client.
Steven has provided Project Management services for various types of Capital Projects for both private development projects as well as not-for-profits. Involved in projects from development and planning through approvals, construction, occupancy and close out. Responsibilities typically encompasses management of professional consultants, schedule, budget, requisition process, change order review and negotiation, Owner’s meetings and reporting, oversight during construction and project close out. Coordinated multiple streams of financing for a given project, particularly for not-for-profits that received public funding and grants. Experienced in working with various NYC and NYS agencies including but not limited to: DASNY, ESDC, EDC, DDC, DCA, DoB, DoT, LPC, DHS, DCAS and DCP. (Have taken projects through the NYC ULURP process.) Bid out and oversaw asbestos abatement and soil remediation processes.

Jason Devaney has successfully developed, designed and built several residential projects throughout the New York City region. Currently assignments include a 30,000 square foot residential project on Martha’s Vineyard. Jason’s roles include cost benefit analysis of various building systems, bidding projects, negotiating contracts, and oversight of construction projects.


Chris Price has successfully built several residential projects throughout the Westchester region of New York and continues to work on an Assisted Living Complex in Westchester, NY, He is also involved in a Luxury Condominium Complex in Edgartown, MA and thirty five units of a Fast Food expansion in the Miami / Dade region of Florida. He has bid, negotiated, and purchased contracts for the subcontractors engaged in the construction of the various projects. His strengths lie in his ability to control all aspects of the construction phase of the Projects with emphasis on Cost Control of the development Budget through Construction Completion.


Marc Geller has been active in commercial real estate since 1996. He began his real estate career as a retail leasing broker for Newmark New Spectrum Realty and has since continued to be involved in various real estate enterprises. Marc’s considerable experience in property acquisition, investment sales, project leasing, tenant representation and property management allows him to play a key role on the early stages of a project when clients may be faced with multiple options as to where best locate their facility.


Tom Heaphy has over 35 years’ experience in the construction industry, moving himself steadily through his career from carpenter apprentice, to concrete & masonry works, to steel fabrication. Tom began to settle in as an assistant superintendent in 1992, and quickly rose to Sr. Site Superintendent. Tom has supervised millions of square feet of construction over the course of his career. Tom believes that in the construction world, there is always something new to learn. He devours drawings & specifications and melds his experience with new practices to keep projects on schedule. He prides himself on knowing more about the projects he works on than any other member of the team.


Eddie Eliahu has a diverse real estate background, emitting from private equity and asset management. Eddie has transition from the business side of projects to the project development side, becoming an essential member of the daily activities of a project. Eddie is known for his collaborative working style and ability to establish clear lines of communication that leads to effective decision making. His hands-on approach means he is a regular presence at project sites, assisting with construction management and quality control.  Eric is consistently a resource for guidance on constructability reviews, vendor procurement, scheduling, logistics, and phasing.  Tom believes that in the construction world, there is always something new to learn. He devours drawings & specifications and melds his experience with new practices to keep projects on schedule. He prides himself on knowing more about the projects he works on than any other member of the team.